A beat seldomly comes alone! The young Berlin label, NO SUBJECT BEATZ, is of the same persuasion, and proudly presents along with the NSB001, a resounding debut release by the name of ''BLUESGREEN''. Yea if Beatz, then right!, Thought the two guys Philipp & Jonas of SAITE ZWEI, & toast with their new EP to a festive start. Beautifully packaged, the right mix of original and the appropriate amount of Groove + Melody turn into a crisp surprise package*! * Incl. SoloWG Remix Melokind Remix Steppke - Peter Pan Syndrom (Saite Zwei Remix)

Saite Zwei, Steppke

SoloWg, Melokind, Saite Zwei


Catalog# NSB001
Release date:
Tech House
BluesGreen (Original Mix)
BluesGreen (SoloWG Remix)
BluesGreen (Melokind Remix)
Peter Pan-Syndrom (Saite Zwei Remix)